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What students are saying

Meeteetse student Aftyn Grant explains what it's like when you have support from the other students.

Meeteetse School is a family. Students support each other in their efforts and encourage one another.



Watch Meeteetse student Gabi Bolli explain about agricultural opportunities that she has experienced. Meeteetse school provides an AG Barn for students to use in order to learn how to raise, train, and eventually sell livestock.
The programs of the school promote students growing in whichever direction and interests they choose to pursue.
Connor and his family have homeschooled their children and selected to send them to Meeteetse to further their education. Meeteetse School provides an excellent and challenging curriculum that will push students to achieve, while providing supports for them every step of the way.
Listen to a current Meeteetse student describe the anxiety of coming to a new school and how those fears were quickly erased. Meeteetse School is a family. We want every student to find their place and we welcome students and families to come and feel the culture of our small school.