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School Board


Meeteetse Schools will set the standard for educational achievements as we challenge our students with an uncompromising commitment to excellence as: respectful individuals, independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and tomorrow’s leaders.



Meeteetse Schools, in partnership with home and community, provides consistent individualized instruction that drives high student achievement and cultivates the development of the whole child. 

Park County School District #16

Board of Trustees

Meeteetse Wyoming

2022 Board Goal Setting


GOAL 1: GOAL 2030

  1. ALL Meeteetse Students will be equipped with the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and interpersonal communication

    1. As evidenced by:

      1. Established Benchmarks of Life Skills

        1. What it looks like at each grade level

        2. How we measure it at each grade level

      2. Post Graduation Skill Tracking



  1. Identify the current baseline of each student and move them to the next level

    1. As evidenced by:

      1. Individual Student Learning Profile, including:

        1. WYTOPP scores

        2. Classroom Assessments

        3. Acadiance Progress Monitoring



  1. Provide a unique educational setting that invites potential students, families, and teachers to explore their passions and pursuits that will result in an enrollment over 100 students and retention of staff by 2025 

    1. As evidenced by:

      1. Friday learning opportunities

      2. Teacher climate survey results

      3. Increased skill development

      4. Increased parental involvement

    2. As created by:

      1. Marketing efforts

      2. Celebrations

      3. Culture building

Adopted: July 18, 2022: Revisited July, 2023

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Contact Information

Park County School District # 16
2107 Idaho Street
Mailing (PO Box 218)
Meeteetse, Wyoming 82433

District Offices

Monday – Friday      8:00 – 5:00 

Saturday – Sunday  Closed

Phone: 307-868-2501
Fax: 307-868-9264