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Student Support Services

Our students are our greatest promise.  Park County School District #16 is dedicated to the “development of the whole child.”  If you feel that your student should be receiving any of the services listed below, please reach out (307 868-2501), we are happy to help you.  


We are committed to meeting the needs of children and youth with disabilities within our district.  The services we provide are in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 and Wyoming State Rules and Regulations.  Here is a list of some of the related services that we offer:

  • Speech and Language Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Student Counseling
  • Psychological Services
  • Transportation
  • In Class Supports
  • Pull-Out Supports and Services

Our Special Education Services are directed by Mr. Ernie May.  Mr. May may be contacted by phone at (307) 868-2501 or email at


Mrs Rebecca Thomas is licensed school counselor with years of experience in the public counseling world.  She is available at the school on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s.  She can be reached at (307) 868-2501 ext. 216.  She is ready to serve the needs of our students and offers the following activities:

  • College and Career Counseling
    • August 20-Sept. 3—

      Meet with each H.S. Student during the first 2 weeks of class, for completion of course planning, Hathaway and graduation clarifications and Career direction summary.  Make changes as necessary since they are now familiar with music, computer and CTE options that have changed.


      Meet with each student completing NWC coursework before drop and add deadline to explain how to access courses, clarify options and communicated with teachers.  Make drops and adjustments as necessary.

    • Mondays, Each week

      7th period-SEL lessons focusing on emotional health and wellness, motivation, expressing strong emotions, managing goals and learning to plan via SMART process.  Consider difference, personality, trauma as factors affecting interactions with others and practice speaking for self and asking for help as needed.

    • Tuesdays, each week—

      3rd period-Meet for 20 minutes with Careers class to prep for scholarship application process to meet with college visitors, move forward on career planning and consider shadowing and interviewing assignments.  Clarify career, trade, college explorations.  Formulate 5 pronged funneling process to keep options open as the year progresses.

    • Fridays, each week

      Work with Above and Beyond Juniors and Seniors in Surviving College Course, during Genius Hour work with 70%if senior class to do virtual visits to colleges of choice, write application and scholarship essays, apply to colleges of choice, prepare scholarship applications as due dates approach and complete multi-option plan for career direction, exploring options and matching up with college of choice.  Work on “Finding Your Element” to help clarify options and choices for career and college curriculum or training options. Explore costs of college and 


      • FAFSA Night Prep and on-on-one application process

        Sign up for FSA ID and fill out FAFSA with parents via help of Morgan Patrick, TRIO coordinator.

      • Meet with each H.S. grade during Friday Advisory for Career Development grade appropriate internet experience between.

      • Meet with each NWC student to consider options for spring semester and register for courses.  New permissions slip from parent needed for each semester.

      • Oct.-January

        Update each 8-11 student’s graduation and Hathaway completion plan to prepare for early registration process. College and Career Direction conversations lead to individual experiences to crystalized choices especially for seniors. 

      • Spring A&B-“Trying on a Career,” Career planning with additional career choice exploration Occupational Handbook-characteristics, Job shadowing field trips, individual directions and exploration.



At times we have students who may find themselves in transition of living space.  We are dedicated to working with all school age children to provide assistance with items we are allowed to.  

If you, or someone you know needs assistance they can contact Mr. Ogden at (307) 868-2501 anytime during business hours or in person at the district office or via email at  We have the ability to help in many situations.  In addition to that, there are certain rights that you may have if you find yourself homeless or house-hopping.