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We are curious, creative, and courageous.

We are not afraid to interact with the world.

We ask questions that are wide open.

We ask questions that remain limitless.

We want to understand our values.

     And we want to understand the values of others.

We choose to stay open-minded.

We want to know what we can discover next;

     And we want to know what happens after that.

We do not hesitate to chase bold ideas.

We believe in our strengths and we acknowledge our challenges.

We know the world won’t be fair, 

     But we continue onward, 

     Always knowing why we choose to do so.  

We seek opportunities to explore leadership and fellowship.


What it means:


  • Adventure: Curious, Creative, Courageous, Discover 

  • Question: Open-Minded, See Many Possibilities, Empathy

  • Opportunities: Explore, Wonder, Don’t Hesitate, Failure, Limitless

  • Happiness: Path, Family, Community, Learning

  • Confidence

Skills involved:

  • Commit to pursue and discover new possibilities

  • Awareness of where you come from and where you are going

  • Curious is wanting to know more and explore new territories

  • Determination is the persistence and drive to follow-through and complete the quest

  • Critical thinking through problem-solving followed by reflection and patience will result in effective learning

  • Willing and able to follow a step-by-step process with excitement and efficiency

Where we already see it:

  • Genius Hour

  • In classrooms

  • Extra-curricular activities / sports

  • Tie between home & school

  • Leadership and fellowship

  • Learning communities